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Another summer, another camping trip with the DBs, and instead of a summary of what we did, I thought I’d ask the DBs to give you their Top 10 Tips for Camping Awesomeness. Ready?

DB2: Canoe paddles make awesome double lightsabres. DB1: But don’t let Mommy see you.


DB1: Be very quiet if you see deer.


DB1: Leaves of three, let it be, especially if you have to pee. DB2: You don’t want to deal with that there.

DB2: Be a boy. It doesn’t matter if you have to pee while you are hiking or in the canoe. DB1: Don’t be so sexist, you twit.

DB1: Always look at the view from the top of the mountain. DB2: Take a snack break too. Bring granola bars. The good kind, with chocolate chips. DB1: Not the kind Mommy brings, the kind Daddy brings. DB2: Yeah.


DB1: You have to have s’mores, or it’s not camping.


DB2: You can only drink the water on the trail if your Dad says you can. Your mother will never say you can, so ask your Dad.


DB2: If someone stops on the hike, smack them on the butt. DB1: No! Why would you say that? DB2: Because if Mommy had smacked me on the butt, I would have moved and she wouldn’t have fallen and crushed me. DB1: Maybe it would be better to say look where you are going when you go on a hike. DB2: Definitely.

DB1: Always check a map.


DB1: You can fight with your brother anywhere. DB2: Totally, dude.