T-minus-less-than-six hours, and I am still awake.  The moving van will show up at my house (again) sometime early this morning.  Nope, no caffeine was involved in this, just pure adrenaline and the knowledge that all my life’s possessions will be entrusted to total strangers.  Everything.  My babies’ first outfits.  My high school yearbook.  My wedding album.  And my massive collection of baking pans (37 at last count).  Not to mention 133 refrigerator magnets.

My husband is upstairs, sleeping the sleep of the not-so-innocent, because he is the one whose gotten us into this mess.  And it’s a BIG one.  I mean, for crying out loud, we are moving to INDIA.  Mumbai, to be exact.

It’s not moving to Mumbai that gets me in a tizzy; far from it. I am excited about Mumbai.  What I am/was less excited about is the whole logistics of moving.  I should technically be doing this on autopilot – I had previous lives as an Army Brat and an Army Wife, and this ain’t my first rodeo with the Foreign Service.  Nope, more like my fifth.  But I am now Old as Dirt (which is over 40 and that’s really all you need to know), and I have two DiploKids to organize as well.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and the last 72 hours were unqualified insanity.  It all started with a call from Friendly Moving Company.  We had agreed for a Tuesday-Thursday 3-day packout in APRIL.  Then, on Wednesday, the call came – we are coming a whole day early – yay!  Panic ensued, and that meant that we had one less day to prepare, so the DiploKids were taken to Grandma and Goppy’s house in a one day, 8-hour round-trip run by DiploDad while I got to stay home and organize.

Organizing three shipments for three different destinations on three stories of a cramped townhouse is sort of like being a kangaroo with ADHD.

DiploDad came back home from the Kid Drop-off and collapsed immediately, as men with wives who stay home all day tend to do.  (Maybe other wives too?  I can’t remember it’s been so long since I saw the inside of an office full-time.)  Saturday and Sunday have gone by like a blur, but somewhere in all of that we have organized three floors of a townhouse packed full of stuff for a family of four, donated about 43 bags of stuff to charity, packed 8 bags for our flight, done a Costco run for Cheerios and peanut butter, burned and scanned about a thousand photo images, and done approximately 3,245 loads of laundry.  I’m probably low on the laundry count.  Maybe I should just round up to an even four thousand.

In any event, it’s time.  I should go get some sleep.  Riiiiight.  Should probably just start another last-minute project instead.  Now that’s a capital idea!